I could say more things about this shoot, but really all I want to do is show you guys what me and my friends did this last friday. Honestly, if it weren’t for them it wouldn’t have turned out as cool as it did. The idea for this one was initially from a pinterest board I had been working on for a while, but I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted to do – it all came to me when I saw my friend’s work for one of her classes where she started posing in front of the camera with her props, and in one of them she used a donut, which she later started to basically shove in her face to a very trancy-pop (that’s not a word) playing in the background. I would have really liked to describe her work but I’m afraid I’ve only seen it a couple of times and later I couldn’t find the video anywhere.

It sucks I don’t have it here with me to post it but hey, at least we have youtube to at least try to set the mood:

Anyway, here’s some of what we came up with. For my lack of photoshop skills, I feel like I did okay. I do think that some of the pictures look a little too much in a way. Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but I know that there is room for improvement – I have so much to learn.

Also, as I’m posting them here, I feel like I should’ve made the colors a lot brighter.

Haha, oh well. Enjoy.

ZU1A1554ZU1A1591ZU1A1680  ZU1A1440ZU1A1589 ZU1A1565  ZU1A1504 ZU1A1456 ZU1A1442

2 thoughts on “plasticine.

  1. Loved them, and the music helps. Agreed, some of the backgrounds would’ve made the picture better if they were brighter, but hey, you are learning and that’s what counts. One day I will pay thousands (or millions) for your pictures (;

    Keep it up, champ.


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